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Jetpower nanoscale, abandon the traditional way of direct contact with the skin injection,
by injection instead of injection, with non-invasive replacement minimally invasive,
the application of space rocket jet technology in the field of skin beauty equipment,
to bring a comfortable and comfortable SPA experience for the therapist.

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Jetpower introduction

The Jetpower nano-introduction instrument uses Osamamed's patented technology (aviation jet technology) to push the nutrient stock solution with high-speed airflow at a speed of 340m/s and a pressure of 8bar using a high-pressure jet principle. The nutrient stock solution is super-fine, ultra-high-speed, straight-line high-pressure. The method of jetting directly injects into the dermis layer of the skin without damaging the epidermal cells, and quickly replenishes the nutrients required by the skin, effectively solving wrinkles, acne, scars, dryness and other skin problems. JETPOWER Nano-Importer avoids the pain and edema caused by injection, and achieves the effect of injection. It is a non-invasive multi-needle injection device that can truly replace injection.

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Jetpower nano-injector can inject air pressure up to 8bar, airflow booster liquid flow rate up to 340m/s supersonic speed, special nozzle to blast the nutrient solution into 5-20μm nano-molecular, high-pressure jet opens the skin natural passage, realizes fluid stripping and expansion Inject double action, so that the nutrients and trace elements needed by the skin penetrate into every level of the skin, increasing the way of cell nutrition.

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① Deep cleansing: massage the skin, stimulate the lymphatic reflux, regulate the skin's immune function, discharge the skin toxins, rub the oil / acne / blackheads, clean the face, stimulate the skin microcirculation smooth skin;

② Subsonic transdermal injection: The precise needle-free water injection head blasts the nutrient solution into nanometer-sized small molecules, which are injected into the skin at a subsonic speed of 340m/s, and instantly reach the basal layer, stimulate collagen and activate cells.

③ Non-destructive injection of hyaluronic acid: anti-wrinkle firming, focus on wrinkles, deep hydration, so that the skin regains fullness, brilliance, fresh vitality, comprehensive anti-aging, the effect is comparable to water injection.

④ Accurate, intelligent and effective skin: different into the ratio of nutrient injection ,The speed can be adjusted to effectively solve a variety of skin problems.

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Unbox assembly course

Insteument operation course


Jetpower, as a skin management instrument, can solve the problems of cleaning, replenishing water, whitening, acne and repairing 5 big skin problems in one stop. At the same time, it can be combined with radiofrequency / laser / strong light. Before the treatment, it can clean the skin deeply and effectively reduce the scattering and refraction of the skin waste to laser / strong light energy; radiofrequency / laser / strong light. After treatment, skin recovery is noninvasive. Introducing nutrients can effectively enhance the therapeutic effect and achieve the curative effect of 1+1 > 2.



Harry Morrison

Dr. Morrison received a doctorate in medical sciences and is currently working at the Skin Laser Center at David Geffen School of Medicine as director of skin surgery.

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Maggie Zechariah

Dr. Maggie Zechariah, a specialist in skin beauty, was a doctor of medicine, and received professional qualifications for dermatology, leprosy pathology, and tropical diseases (1998) of the monpoli medical school in France.

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Beck Hemingway

Dr. Hemingway received a master\'s degree in science from Duke University in 1981 and a Ph.D. in medicine from the Yale University School of Medicine in 1986.

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Jessica Electra

Dr. Jessica Electra is hailed as a pioneer in the field of skin beauty in Israel.

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