The JETPOWER nano-introduction instrument uses Osamamed\'s patented technology (aviation jet technology) to push the nutrient stock solution with high-speed airflow at a speed of 340m/s and a pressure of 8bar using a high-pressure jet principle. The nutrient stock solution is super-fine, ultra-high-speed, straight-line high-pressure. The method of jetting directly injects into the dermis layer of the skin without damaging the epidermal cells, and quickly replenishes the nutrients required by the skin, effectively solving wrinkles, acne, scars, dryness and other skin problems. JETPOWER Nano-Importer avoids the pain and edema caused by injection, and achieves the effect of injection. It is a non-invasive multi-needle injection device that can truly replace injection.

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The injection pressure of the Jetpower nano introduction apparatus can reach 8bar, the flow velocity of the airflow booster liquid reaches 340m/s supersonic speed. The special spray head blasting the nutrient solution into 5-20 u m nanomulets, the high pressure jet opens the natural channel of the skin, realizes the double action of the exfoliation and expansion injection, and lets the skin's nutrient solution and trace elements permeate to the skin. Skin at every level, increasing cellular nutrition. 


What do you feel when Jetpower is treated? Will it be painful? 
Jetpower uses the technology of high pressure atomization to import the molecular weight of the product into the dermis by high pressure, because it has no trauma, so it is very comfortable in the process of treatment.

Why do we say that the garbage on the surface of the skin will be knocked out instead of being pushed deep into the skin? 
The residual substances in the skin surface are large and not absorbed by the epidermis, thus forming skin waste. In the process of water injection, even if the natural passage of skin is temporarily extended, it is impossible to pass large molecular weight of refuse. In addition, the dirt in the epidermis belongs to the solid, which is incompatible with the high speed spray water mist, so the vortex flow will flash the epidermis garbage and play a deep and clean role. Any nutrient solution that can pass through the natural passageway of our skin is a small molecule with a molecular weight less than 8000 Dalton.

Jetpower and the effect of needle water light? 
There is a needle light: injection of water, light injection of 3-4 needles, the effect will last 1 years. However, the actual efficacy is difficult to define, and whether the efficacy is maintained for one year, the market reaction is controversial. Moreover, because of climate differences between individuals and North and South regions, there is a great difference in later period. 

Jetpower: using high-pressure atomization technology, directly enter the dermis by high pressure, and open the skin passageway to improve the skin quality.

Are there any taboo people in the use of Jetpower? 
The epidermis is damaged, sensitive to cold substances (very few), allergic to injection drugs, and allergic to saline. Before surgery, patients can be asked if there is any allergy. If the answer is yes, then they can. Skin test was performed on the medial and posterior ears of the patients, and the catheter was sprayed for dozens of seconds to observe the instant reaction for one minute. If there is no overreaction, it can continue to be treated. 
Postoperative attention: 
Pay attention to sunscreen.

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